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Frank Slater - Log Burner

Customer: Frank Slater

Address: Barnton, Northwich

Description: Frank had a outset gas fire with wooden surround and wanted a multi-fuel stove installing. We took out the gas fire, capped the gas pipe, took out the wooden surround and removed from the property. We then removed bricks around the fire opening making the opening taller and wider to accommodate new stove. We then fitted a lintel to support brick work above and lined inside the fire recess with fire rated board. Next we fitted a new tile hearth supplied by Frank and plastered the entire chimney breast. We fitted a new 6 inch steel liner down the existing chimney complete with pot hanger to stop birds nesting and connected the stove via a vitreous enamel pipe and sealed it with a register plate at the bottom of the chimney. The stove was fully commissioned and signed off with building control and a certificate was issued a couple of weeks later. Frank was amazed by the transformation and fell in love with his new stove. ( man and fire hey... )

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