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Norman Hargreaves - Log Burner

Customer: Norman Hargreaves

Address: Weaverham, Northwich

Description: Norman came to us wanting a multi-fuel stove fitting but he was in a smoke controlled area and had no chimney or hearth. After our initial survey we told him he would have to have a Defra approved stove fitted as they can be installed in a smoke controlled area and we could use an external twin wall flue. Norman liked the idea and a couple of weeks later we started the installation. First we cut out an 840mm/840mm square out of his laminate floor for the slate hearth to be laid then drilled a hole through his wall so we could install a 135 degree twin wall T to go from the top of his stove to connect to the flue outside. The hearth was then laid and the stove placed on top and connected to the flue. We then bricked up around the flue and fitted a finishing plate externally to the property and made good inside ready for Norman to plaster and paint his wall. The black twin wall flue was then installed externally to the top of his roof standing 600mm above the apex, finished with a rain cap on top and a soot collector with drain on the bottom. The stove was then commissioned and signed off with building control and a certificate was issued a couple of weeks later. Norman was more than pleased with the installation and to his surprise really liked the black external flue system as he was not keen on the idea initially.


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