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Damp Proofing - Rising Damp


Damp Proofing - Rising Damp
Green Heat Installations

We at Green Heat Installations have a vast knowledge within the construction industry. All our damp proof technicians are certified installers and are specialists in the treatment of dampness in buildings. We will carry out and initial survey free of charge, visually inspecting the inside and outside of your property as well as taking damp readings from your walls and floors using the latest technology damp meters which use radio frequency inside your walls. We can then give you a report based on our findings and a price for the work needed to cure your damp problems. We could go on for hours explaining the different types of damp and condensation, throw in a few big latin names and confuse the hell out of you... but we won’t.... so we will keep it simple....

Rising Damp
Moisture from ground water rises through bricks that are under ground level. If a building has a failed damp proof course then the moisture and ground salts will travel up the walls with considerable damage to the internal and external brick work causing plastered walls to deteriorate, paint to blister and wall paper to peel away from the wall.

Penetrative Damp
This is classed as any water that finds its way inside though external walls. There are many causes which include over flowing gutters or damaged downspout, incorrect fitting of doors and windows, cracks in external render, porous bricks and weathered mortar joints. Again this can cause plastered walls to deteriorate, paint to blister and wall paper to peel away from the wall.

Condensation ( moist air ) is caused by two things, the way we live in our house and poor ventilation. Moist warm air can come from bathing, cooking, washing, drying clothes and breathing! A family of four produces on average 65 litres of moisture a week... Warm moist air turns in to water vapour when it reaches its dew point usually against cold surfaces like around windows and doors also on external walls lower down. If left untreated the condensation can create mould growth, black mildue of fungi which can lead to serious health problems and has been linked to asthma.

Green Heat - Damp Proofing - Storm Dry

As you can see from the picture above 35% of a buildings heat loss is through the walls, wet cold walls not only attract condensation but do not hold heat as much as a dry wall. Bricks have been tested in laboratories and found that dry bricks hold heat 50% more than wet bricks, which leads to greater heat loss through your walls and higher energy bills!

Thankfully we have a solution for all of your damp needs.....

For the treatment of rising damp we inject your walls with Dryrod’s invented and patented by Safeguard Europe LTD who have for thirty years been the foremost innovators and manufacturers of damp treatment products. The development of the patented dryrod system has taken over three years of intensive research and the British Board Of Agrement tests show that Dryrod outperforms competing products. 12mm grooved rods that carry a powerful water-repellent material are inserted into pre-drilled holes along the mortar line of a building, once diffused they cure to form a highly effective barrier to damp. The product will remain effective against rising damp for at least 20 years. Once the affected walls have been injected, if needed, we use Dryzone damp resistant plaster which is a modern formulation of breathable damp and salt resistant plaster. Unlike sand and cement renders it is not destructive to the underlying masonry and forms a warm surface which will stop condensation forming on the areas covered.

For the treatment of penetrating damp we use Stormdry masonry protection cream. Stormdry is a colourless, breathable water repellent treatment for brick, concrete and stone walls. It is able to penetrate more deeply into masonry than traditional liquid applied repellents, providing an effective breathable barrier BBA testing showed that Stormdry offers 25 years protection against penetrating damp. Studies carried out by the University of Portsmouth have shown a 29% reduction in heating energy on houses treated with Stormdry. This fact has been recognised by the Uk government and energy and carbon savings have now been independently verified in a further study by Giraffe Innovation environmental consultants, a copy of which can be found at

Stormdry and Dryzone products are the only damp proof treatment approved by the BBA and are the best on the market. Even though other products are cheaper we only use the best and that’s why all our work is backed up by a 20 year guarantee underwritten by Specialist Building Guarantee insurance company.

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Northwich, Middlewich, Winsford, Crewe, Frodsham, Runcorn, Widnes, Chester, St Helens, Liverpool, Wigan, Warrington, Leigh and Manchester.

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